About Guanmiao

Local produce and culture
Name: Guanmiao Fengli (pineapples of Guanmiao)
Pineapples※ The pineapples of Guanmiao District are known for their quality, tantalizing flavors, and refreshing sweet and sour tastes
※ Guanmiao pineapples are famous throughout the world. Over 800 hectares of land are devoted to pineapple farming. The hilly, sloped land help grow fruits with a thick and juicy texture and a well-balanced flavor, a fine combination that proved to be popular amongst fellow consumers.
※ Pineapple cultivars grown in Guanmiao include Taiwan Agriculture No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 (Shijia pineapple), No. 6 (Pingguo pineapple), No. 11 (Siangshui pinapples), No. 13 (Ganzhe pineapple), No. 16 (Tianmimi pineapple), No. 17 (Jinzuan Pineapple), No. 18 (Jinguihua pineapple), No. 19 (Mibao pineapple), as well as other unique varieties such as Cinglong (green dragon), Niunai (milk), Jhenjhu (pearl), and Tangshuang (sugar frost), making Guanmiao home to the most diverse and complete selection of pineapple cultivars throughout Tainan City.
※ Pineapples are a tropical fruit capable of growing in 15-40oC. Optimal growth is achieved in a temperature of 28~30oC. Pineapple cultivars have been perfected through selective breeding, ensuring that Guanmiao is capable of providing harvests throughout the year. However, each cultivar or flavor would have their own peak harvest period.
※ Pineapples need to be grown in areas with abundant sunlight. Guan-miao's pineapple farms are located along sun-facing slopes, with the hill slopes offering good drainage and plenty of light as well as a unique red sandy soil. Although pineapples grown in Guanmiao are smaller than those grown on flat land, the fruits offer excellent quality and sweetness that have helped to consolidate the fame and popularity of Guanmiao pineapples.