About Guanmiao

Local produce and culture
Fresh green bamboo shoots are harvested before dewing to preserve the best flavors.
Bamboo shoot※ Due to its hilly landscape and unique topography, Guanmiao District is covered in many bamboo forests. In addition to providing raw bamboo for making bamboo ware, other types of bamboos are also available, such as green bamboo prized for its green bamboo shoots, a valuable ingredient for popular culinary delicacies.
※ Green bamboo shoots can be divided into two major categories: green bamboo shoots and Wujiao green bamboo shoots. Most green bamboo shoots in Guanmiao, Longci, and other mountainous regions would belong to the former type. Bamboo shoots can be harvested from April to October, with June to August being the peak harvest season. The bamboo forests of Guanmiao are productive and provide high quality bamboo shoots that are mostly curved in shape.
※ The edible parts of the bamboo shoots would be its nodal areas. The finest shoots would be those with tips that curve upwards with very little hollowness. Those of poorer quality grows straight, which means that there's considerable hollowness in between, resulting in fewer edible parts. Emerging green shoots will make the bamboo shoot bitter and must be excised immediately. When choosing bamboo shoots, try to feel its base. Smoother surfaces provide a more tender texture. Try to choose shoots with smooth glossy exteriors as well. Wrinkling or signs of drying would mean that the shoot is too old and lack sweetness or flavor. Bamboo shoot farmers are dedicated to upholding the quality of their produce, and spend a great deal of time categorising and rating their harvests. Graded bamboo shoots must then be cleaned and refrig-erated before they are sold.
※ Raw bamboo can be cut into slices measuring about 2 cm wide and 4 cm in length which are then cooked quickly in hot water to make crispy bamboo shoot. Such materials are perfect for cooking soup or stir fries, and would not lose its wonderful texture despite extended cooking. Bamboo shoots that have turned green to the point that it is inedible may be peeled and cut into irregularly shaped pieces. These pieces can then be soaked in clean water (changing the water once) to restore it as white crispy bamboo shoots.