About Guanmiao

Local produce and culture
Guanmiao noodles is represented by the few Guanmiao noodle makers who insist on 100% handmade and natural sun drying. The fine texture made such noodles a favorite amongst the consumers.
Guanmiao noodles※ With the exception of simple motors and conveyor belts for the kneading process, the noodle makers of Guanmiao insist on employing manual labor, natural sun drying, and zero preservatives. Such dedication quickly achieved popularity for their products that were readily snatched up by noodle vendors. Residents in nearby districts and Kaohsiung City will often buy Guanmiao noodles when they pass through the area. Noodles made by Guanmiao manufacturers were thus known as Guan-miao noodles and famed throughout Taiwan.
※ Given the popularity of the noodles, more and more people have started making the famous noodle as well. Everyone is familiar with the fact that Guanmiao noodles are sundried (and not dried in ovens). Visitors would notice pans of noodles being laid out in sunny days along the entire stretch of road.
Guanmiao noodles are perfect for soup or stir fry. The most unique and popular method of preparation would be Guanmiao Lumian (Guanmiao noodles in broth). Guanmiao Lumian is prepared by first cooking the noodles in boiling water. Once cooked, the noodles are cooled in cold water and then stirred with salad oil. The broth is prepared separately. Shallots, mushrooms, dried shrimp, pork, and garlic are shallow fried in oil until a fine blended aroma is achieved. Soy sauce, sugar, water, bah-ken (seasoned minced meatballs with tapioca flour), and sliced fresh bamboo shoots (cabbage or Shandong Chinese cabbage may be used alternatively) are then added. Seasoning then follows. The entire broth is then thickened with tapioca, water, and vinegar, and garnished with minced garlic and Chinese parsley. This broth is then added to the noo-dles to create the authentic Guanmiao Lumian.