About Guanmiao

Local produce and culture
Fengli Kugua Ji (pineapples and bitter gourd chickFengli Kugua Ji (pineapples and bitter gourd chicken) is a unique deli-cacy in Guanmiao District. Visitors can order this dish from any of the free-range chicken restaurants in Guanmiao District. Pineapples are one of Guanmiao's unique local produce. Pineapples grown here can be sold directly as fresh fruit or canned for export. Canned pineapples are di-vided into 2 flavors: sweet and tart. Sweet canned pineapples can be eaten right after opening. Tart pineapples, however, must be cooked first before eating. Pineapples and Bitter Gourd Chicken was developed to cater to the desire for new culinary combinations. This dish offers a bittersweet flavor with sour undertones as well as the fine aroma of pineapples and black bean soy sauce. This unique blend of flavors be-came a popular hit overnight and emerged as a symbolic dish of Guan-miao cuisine. 
Pineapples grown in Guanmiao District are known for their quality, tantalizing flavors as well as refreshing sweet and sour tastes.
※ Fresh green bamboo shoots are harvested before dewing to preserve the best flavors.
※ 100% handmade and sundried Guanmiao noodles – best texture guaranteed.
Pineapple and bamboo banquet (with yanju ji (salt broiled chicken), mijhih ji (honey-glazed chicken), yansu ji (salted fried chicken), sanbei ji (three cup chicken), fengli kugua ji (pineapples and bitter gourd chick-en), fengli sunkuai ji (pineapples and bamboo shoot chicken), fengli liangban zhusun (pineapples and bamboo shoot salad), fengli zhusun lengpan (pineapples and bamboo shoot platter), fengli siaqiu (pineap-ples and fried shrimp), and yangrou sunkuai tang (mutton and bamboo shoot soup) are classical culinary delights prepared using the three treasures of Guanmiao district (pineapples, bamboo shoots, and noo-dles). 
Other local specialties include Guanmiao lumian (noodles in thick broth of Guanmiao), Guanmiao chaomian (stir fried noodles of Guanmiao), fenglizhi (pineapple juice), fenglijiu (pineapple wine), fengli shoujuan (pineapple rolls), providing both unique and flavorful gastronomic delights.
Innovative and meticulous preparations has redefined both the Guanmiao bamboo shoot banquet as well as local specialties. Food is prepared using as little salt and oil as possible to provide an aesthetically pleasing and healthy feast.