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Famous Locals
Yung-chung Mo‭ - ‬Master of Woven Bamboo Art
Mo Yung-chong - Master of Woven Bamboo Art

Master Mo has spent over 50 years weaving bamboo artworks and is considered a senior cultural personality of Guanmiao District.
Master Mo has won many woven bamboo craftwork rewards.
In 2000, Master Mo was given the Senior Cultural Personality Reward from the Ministry of Culture as a sign of recognition for his work.

Ching-chih Lu‭ ‬–‭ ‬Creative bamboo weaver
Lu Ching-jhih – Creative bamboo weaver

Master Lu has been creating woven bamboo artworks for over 30 years. She grew up in Siangyang Village famous for its woven bamboo and personally experienced the rise and fall of the bamboo ware industry. Master Lu thus thought about the means of revolutionising the approach to woven bamboo ware, elevating it from common household utensils into intricate folk artworks.

Te-shan Kuo‭ ‬–‭ ‬Bamboo Artist
Kuo De-shan – Bamboo Artist

Master Kuo has studied the art of bamboo crafting for over 30‭ ‬years‭, ‬and have learned from several masters in Yongkang City‭, ‬Annan District of Tainan City‭, ‬as well as Kaohsiung City‭. ‬In response to market demands‭, ‬Master Kuo has started creating intricate household utensils‭, ‬decor‭, ‬and other artworks using bamboo materials‭.‬
Master Kuo's bamboo ware is wholly connected using mortises and tenons instead of nails‭. ‬The resulting item is elegant‭, ‬light‭, ‬and easy to use‭. ‬Altogether‭, ‬Master Kuo has developed about a dozen types of household utensils‭.‬‬

Ming-hui Weng‭ ‬–‭ ‬Master Shield Maker
Weng Ming-hui – Master Shield Maker

During his youth, Master Weng acquired techniques of making woven bamboo utensils from his father, who helped lay a strong foundation for his skills.
The woven bamboo industry, however, faded away about a decade ago, leading to rapid diminishing of the rattan ware industry. Master Weng thus focused upon creating the shields for Song Jiang Jhen (Song Jiang martial arts formations) to create a successful niche market. For his achievements, he was also known as Master Ming-hui and the perfect spokesperson for Song Jiang Jhen shields.