Introducing the District Office

Introducing the District Office
District Office Address:No‭. ‬998‭, ‬Jhongjheng Road‭, ‬Guanmiao District‭, ‬Tainan City
District Office Telephone:06-5950002‭ ‬or 06-5950012‭ (‬main phone line‭)‬    Fax‭: ‬06-5950173
Business Hours:‬Monday to Friday‭, ‬8‭ ‬AM to noon‭; ‬1‭ ‬PM to 5‭ ‬PM

Library location‭:‬No‭. ‬1‭, ‬Wenhua Street‭, ‬Guanmiao District‭, ‬Tainan City
Library Telephone:‬06-5960858
Business hours‭:‬Tuesday to Friday 8‭ ‬AM to 12‭ ‬noon‭, ‬1‭:‬30‭ ‬PM to 9:30‭ ‬PM   /  Saturdays and Sundays 8‭ ‬AM to 8‭ ‬PM  /  Closed every Monday and during public holidays